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Re-action Tonic Professional Multi-active Booster

Size: 100ml
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Intensive tonic for even, smooth skin and a radiant, flawless complexion. Rare herbal essences along with lactic and salicylic acids have an intensively pore-refining, revitalizing and smoothing effect. Innovative mechanisms increase the absorption capacity of the skin.

Key Benefits

  • Improves the skin‘s acid protective layer
  • Has a gentle exfoliating effect
  • Revitalises and invigorates the skin
  • Detoxifies the skin and protect it from the harmful environmental influences.

Key Ingredients

  • 3% Lactic Acid: Lactic acid in general is an excellent skin moisturizer and moisture binder and unfolds its hydrating effect due to the low concentration of 3% in this case. It also gives the product a slight keratolytic property which helps to achieve a mild peeling effect.
  • Vitamin B3:  Strengthens the skin barrier, has an anti-inflammatory and sebum-regulating effect. Stimulates collagen production resulting in an improvement in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Hamamelis Extract: Also known as witch hazel, is an extracted from leaves of the hamamelis virginiana bush containing hamameli-tannins and essential oils. Tannins have an astringent and toning effect.


Use in the morning and evening. Apply the first 14 days with a previously moistened cotton pad. Afterwards, if the product is well accepted and if the skin is very oily, apply undiluted with the cotton pad.

Suitable for all skin types.

Made in Germany

Beauty Defect Repair

bdr’s Medical Beauty Concept with maximum compatibility and effectiveness!

All previous products and methods fail to transport active ingredients deeply into the appropriate skin layers to successfully provide continuous and intensive care where it’s needed most. bdr has managed to overcome this barrier. The bdr research laboratories have created a completely new series of biotechnological Dermacare products. Innovative emulsion technology combines the company’s most valuable natural substances with micro molecular optimized essences. Our team of specialists have developed a combination of modern paramedical equipment technology and dermaceutical active substance serums that turn dreams into reality: Reversive skin aging!


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