Foot Reflexology Massage

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We often neglect our well-being due to our busy lifestyle at the expense of family, work and social commitments.

As such, many people in Singapore turn to foot reflexology to relieve their stress. Try this out and feel the relief!



– Boost Energy Levels

– Increased Circulation

–¬†Elimination of Toxins

–¬†Reduces the effects of depression

–¬†Reduces the effects of anxiety

– Reduce headaches and migraine

– Relaxation of your whole well-being

– Relieve pain from your body

– Relieve pain from your feet and legs


Available only at Body Contours Raffles Town Club and Beyond Beauty Tampines.

A relaxing treatment you will enjoy!

Beyond Beauty International

A forward-looking company with a holistic approach leading in health & beauty services, offering total face and body care, complete with slimming and spa services at 13 centers in Singapore and Malaysia. As one of the most progressive companies, our services are a unique blend of the latest technology and the skillful human touch.

Body Contour Premier

Incepted in 1997 as one of the largest slimming and health management providers in Singapore, Body Contour Premier provides a plethora of holistic wellness treatments including facials and body treatments to thousands of satisfied customers each year. Understanding the importance of providing customers with an exceptional experience on every visit, Body Contour Premier is committed to provide advanced beauty services through on-going research and development.


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